Shula finds ‘just the job’ for Kenton; Simon will be working ‘overtime’ again soon …

Radio Times: Back to the old ways.

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  • Kenton, at the Stables, is as busy as ever – playing computer Solitaire. Shula sounds more than harassed as she tries blatantly to elicit some awareness from him of just how busy she and Alistair are, how they are struggling to keep up. It takes a while, but eventually he offers to help. Shula assigns cleaning in the tack room to his capable hands …
  • David and Chaba are examining a wall in the yard at Brookfield. It needs some reconstruction and Chaba has done a bit of bricklaying before. David thinks he can tell that to the old biddies (Chaba: Excuse me – ‘old biddies‘?) at the W.I. And some jokes and stories – like the one he told Pip yesterday that went down so well.
  • Shula is shopping for Daniel’s party and sleepover on Thursday. She sees Debbie and Simon, who are full of the news that their offer for Honeysuckle Cottage has been accepted. Shula says how great it will be to have them back in the village and jokingly shares her worry that Kenton will take over the party – he has no idea of limits for 8-year-olds!
  • Ruth and David, missing each other, are catching up on the phone. He’s on his way to the Bull to buy Chaba a drink. Chaba has been great with Pip – she’s never stopped repeating a funny story about his grandparents! There will be plenty of funny stories to tell about Solly says Ruth, still sounding depressed about leaving Heather. She hopes to come home on Wednesday. Heather would be welcome to come to Brookfield too, but seems determined to start getting used to being on her own.
  • Chaba has already bought a drink for Kenton. David arrives as Kenton is blowing his own trumpet to Chaba – this time about ocean yachting in Australia. He is amused to hear that Shula has almost got Kenton mucking out at the stables, but not so when Kenton suggests his talents might be better employed at Brookfield in their hour of need! Oh, and by the way, does David think that Lizzie knows the identity of Siobhán’s baby’s father? Kenton would love to know who it is!
  • Jennifer has invited Debbie and Simon for dinner to celebrate their successful house purchase. As they leave the flat, Simon remembers a book he promised Jenny. His mobile rings as he goes back in to collect it. It’s Jeanette in contrite mood, begging Simon to call on Friday evening when her husband will be away. He tries to resist but eventually agrees, telling Debbie as she returns for her earrings that it was the Departmental Secretary, checking he would be able to chair a meeting on Friday evening. But he’ll be home by about 8.30. Debbie is pleased to hear that! The only person she wants him spending late nights with is her – kiss, kiss … !!

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