Chaba looks back to help Pip; Brian and Jenny distinctly look forward to Thursday.

Radio Times: Time to remember.

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  • After the Remembrance Service, Jill, Peggy, Jennifer and Elizabeth are chatting on the green. Jack and Nigel are taxiing back to The Laurels. Something came up at the last minute – again, so Brian couldn’t make it, says Jennifer ruefully. Peggy reports how much Marjorie enjoyed her trip to the Festival of Remembrance. It was a fitting reward for all her years organising the sale poppies. Jennifer remembers that Siobhán’s baby is due this week and asks Elizabeth to pass on best wishes. Chaba joins the ladies and responds, rather at length, to Peggy’s question about similar festivals in Hungary.
  • Brian, of course, is with Siobhán. She is very tired, but packed and ready to go whenever … Tim has accepted Debbie and Simon’s offer on Honeysuckle Cottage – will Brian pass on the good news? Hardly! How could he be privy to such inside information so soon?! Siobhán rebukes her own absurdity!
  • Chaba is helping Pip to come to terms with her grief. He missed his own grandmother very much when she died. She must try to remember the good things about her grandfather – stories like when his grandparents met, she concealed him under her voluminous skirts when he was being chased by bad people. Pip rushes off to tell Josh, and Jill thinks an unconvinced Chaba should tell stories of that kind to the W.I.
  • Jenny and Brian are having tea at The Lodge. Peggy mentions how happy Debbie seemed when she popped in recently. It can’t be easy she thinks, the mix of farming and academia. Of course that’s how Debbie met Simon in the first place – it must happen all the time, lecturers falling for students. Jennifer nimbly changes the subject to Thursday’s Nostalgia Night complete with dancing to a swing band at Grey Gables. It will be such fun, won’t it (Brian) Darling? But he doesn’t sound too sure – Thursday is already on his mind for some other reason …
  • Elizabeth is visiting Siobhán. The latter’s obvious tiredness worries her and she tries to persuade Siobhán to come to Lower Loxley for a while. She is adamant that she feels very grateful, but is settled in her flat and wants to manage. Elizabeth emphasises that the offer will remain open.

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