Simon’s mistress will not be kept on ice any longer.

Radio Times: Simon meets his match.

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  • On the phone to mum, Pip is curiously concerned about whether one can get blood poisoning from a scratch. Before hanging up David encourages Ruth to stay with her mum as long as she is needed. It seems George has been trying to contact David about the Flood Action Group, a phone tree system to pass warnings, but first he has the milking to do and then there is the Archer family bonfire.
  • Simon has called on Debbie as she is putting the finishing touches to a welding job. He does not have long as he is hosting a guest lecturer from Cambridge later. He tried to phone but Debbie had been out selling Hassett Hills lamb. They have each sneaked another look at their dream cottage and neither has had a change of heart. Debbie has talked over the details with Brian. They must call the estate agent; it’s now or never.
  • Josh has found it difficult to wait for the fireworks. He enjoyed building the bonfire with Phil. Susan Carter has phoned about joining Phil’s Christmas Choir for which rehearsals will start in a couple of weeks.
  • Simon has an unexpected visitor; it’s Jeanette, the wife of his head of department, and she has no plans to leave. They are going to talk.
  • Pip is concerned that Grandad is ok; he scratched his arm yesterday building the bonfire. Now everything is clear: she is afraid of losing another grandparent. They will have to make a fuss of her.
  • Jeanette has endured two weeks of not being allowed to see or phone Simon. Does she think he has enjoyed not seeing her? He does not want the affair to end; then he will have to do better. She is not one of his students; is there a girl on the course he has not slept with? She must see it from where he is. She is not being fair to him. They went into this with their eyes open and will soon get back to how it was before. He will do almost (sic) anything for her but please, she must give him some more time.

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