Debbie is delighted: Brian will help her to buy Honeysuckle Cottage (at a price he knows will be acceptable!).

Radio Times: Brian surprises Debbie.

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  • Siobhán is treating her birth partner to lunch; Elizabeth confesses to be quite excited about it. She is also quite excited, in a rather different way, about the antique carpet although she has not been in touch with Kenton since.
  • Greg is pleasantly surprised to find Helen at home at lunchtime but less than pleasantly surprised by a visit from Brian. He is passing on Matt Crawford’s moan about missing the last drive in the shoot: there was half a gale blowing from the north which would have yielded poor results. Brian assures him that he backed his judgement but it still rankles.
  • Elizabeth and Siobhán part rather more abruptly than planned because Brian’s car is outside her flat.
  • Back at the ranch, Debbie is showing her mother the wildlife report she has received; she is really keen to go ahead with the recommendations and is even considering the Countryside Stewardship Scheme next year – it makes good commercial sense. She has not talked to Dad about Honeysuckle Cottage: there is no point in putting in an offer.
  • The name game continues with Brian and Siobhán; “Rollo” just makes her laugh but they settle on Róisín for a girl, and Ruairi (pronounced Rory) for a boy. Brian does not leave before he has sounded Siobhán out about what kind of offer she and Tim might accept for Honeysuckle Cottage.
  • Greg is still sulking about Matt Crawford’s complaint but Helen will not allow him to be a grouch – nor will she allow him to clean his gun on her new tea-towels.
  • When Brian returns home, Debbie does not have chance to talk about the wildlife report because he immediately brings up the subject of Honeysuckle Cottage: if they want to put in an offer, he will make up the shortfall in what they can afford, within reason, although he thinks they could chance a bit less than the asking price.