Eddie and Kenton pursue their business plans with chutzpah and arrogance respectively.

Radio Times: Eddie’s on a roll.

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  • Eddie, returning early from beating at the shoot, interrupts Kathy and Clarrie. He plans to make some concrete ornaments and tidy the yard at Willow Farm; his Christmas Market plans are really coming together. Although he has not made clear who will make all those mince pies he plans to sell, Clarrie seems to have worked it out. Kathy will not be needing Clarrie to baby-sit as she and Kenton are having a night in.
  • In the car, Kenton’s comments about Eddie’s scheme are all derisory; the venture is doomed to failure. He is taking Kathy to see an empty shop in Borchester which “so full of potential”.
  • David is delighted with Chaba’s work and will report it to Ruth to ease her mind about staying with her mum. But now David will do the afternoon milking before Chaba falls asleep on his feet.
  • Kathy views the premises with a more realistic eye than Kenton, who sees no problems at all. The place just needs a complete makeover but no structural changes; the computers are designed for idiots (that’s alright then, Kenton should manage admirably!). She agrees it has potential, so he had better get on with his side of the business plan!
  • David and Phil exchange thoughts on the children’s reactions; Josh was quiet on the way home but seems to understand that he will not see grandpa again and Pip is unusually keen to have the company of the adults. David will try to spend more time with them. Phil has more specific plans: he has bought a big box of fireworks, so after school on Friday they will have their own bonfire and display. Thanks, Dad!
  • Clarrie finds Eddie still working in the yard. She has talked to Betty who seems keen on the idea. Betty and Mike might not be so keen when they discover that Eddie’s plan is to call just the kiddies corner “Tuckerland”; the whole event is to be “Grundy World of Christmas”.

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