Ruth eulogises about her father; Eddie talks Mike into a Christmas Market at Willow Farm.

Radio Times: An emotional day for Ruth.

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  • It is the day of Solly’s funeral so Bert is in charge at Brookfield; Chaba doesn’t really need any help – he gets on with cows where Bert just puts up with them. Chaba has decided to miss the fireworks this evening: he does not want to leave the farm.
  • Ruth is quietly preparing for the funeral; she is trying to keep it all together for her mum’s sake and just hopes she can get through the speech OK.
  • Mike and Eddie have built a splendid bonfire on the Green, complete with wire round the base so that Lynda cannot complain about roast hedgehog. Mike has ordered 500 Christmas trees from a mate, so Eddie can now unveil phase 2 of his scheme: while the punters are there for a tree, why not sell them something else – holly, mistletoe – garden gnomes – refreshments. Of course they would have to put up a few stalls. Mike jokes about roast chestnuts and Santa Clause but this is a mistake: Eddie seizes upon the idea with glee!
  • After the funeral, Jill and a willing band of helpers have everything under control. Ruth is relieved that the speech is over; she thinks it is what her dad would have wanted, complete with jokes. Jill assures her that it was lovely; she will always remember Solly’s speech at Ruth’s wedding.
  • As the Ambridge fireworks explode, Eddie presses Mike for an answer on the ‘Christmas Market’ which has now grown to include a (small) bouncy castle. Eddie finally wins by playing to Mike’s vanity – it shall be called ‘Tuckerland’! Chaba turns up seeking Bert’s help with a difficult calving.
  • Alone with Ruth, Heather stops pretending: he was such a good man and she is going to miss him so much. Ruth will be staying for a while.
  • Chaba is worried and feels it is time to call the vet but Bert is not quite defeated: he manages to find the errant leg and then a few words of Hungarian whispered into the cow’s ear do the trick. A nice little heifer is born.

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