Siobhán and Brian consider names for their baby; Alistair has several for Kenton.

Radio Times: Kenton’s leading Daniel astray.

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  • The building work at The Stables has hit a major crisis, the soil pipe has to be moved; they will probably end up with the toilet in the middle of the yard. When Alistair notices that Shula’s car is missing, she explains that Kenton has borrowed it to go to a business meeting. Shula doesn’t mind; he is her brother and she quite likes having him around. He is looking after Daniel this evening because Shula has a PCC meeting.
  • Brian is waiting on Siobhán: Parma ham and salad (has he been taking lessons from Simon?). The hot topic is names for the baby; there doesn’t seem to be a meeting of minds here with a spectrum from unspellable Irish names to unthinkable English ones. Brian reports that, although Debbie and Simon would like to buy Honeysuckle Cottage, he doesn’t think they can afford it.
  • Kathy seems to be miles away; she is thinking about the dear departed (only the The Stables!) Kenton who has found a suitable property for his Cybercafé. Hayley is more concerned about Marjorie, who seems to be getting more stiff by the day; she is amenable at present to having an alarm which she carries with her and Hayley plans to ask Lewis about it (what planet is she on, he is an architect!).
  • Brian returns home late having been talking shoots with Greg; he plans to put his feet up (hard day!) but Jennifer pauses from wrestling with Bert’s photograph to put in a word for Debbie; can’t they help? If Brian had anyone else as his farm manager he would have to provide a house; he is getting Debbie on the cheap. He will think about it – no promises.
  • Daniel has had a great time with Uncle Kenton: they watched a wicked video and had chocolate as a treat. His parents, envisaging nightmares and a return of his arthritis, are not amused; Shula had explained the importance of Daniel’s diet. However, Shula can assure Alistair that she has not gone completely soft in the head where her twin is concerned – she will not touch his business venture.

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