Simon has two problems: affording Debbie’s dream home and keeping Jeanette quiet!

Radio Times: Jennifer’s website is under scrutiny

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  • At Brookfield, preparations are in hand for the family to travel to Solly’s funeral. Chaba will take care of the calves and the milking and Bert will be on hand to keep an eye on him. Phil dissuades David from dashing back on Tuesday evening; they will return on Wednesday.
  • Debbie has a treat – breakfast in bed. Nothing, it seems, is too much trouble. She has been dreaming about Honeysuckle Cottage but dreaming seems about as close as they will get: they cannot afford to put in a decent offer. Where can they get another £20,000 – rob a bank, maybe.
  • Jill is helping the children to pack but Josh seems not to have taken it all in; he wants to take a special toy to show Grandpa Solly. They have decided that he is too young actually to go to the funeral, so he will stay with a neighbour of Heather.
  • Jennifer is disappointed when Debbie explains that Honeysuckle Cottage is beyond their means. She is just wondering whether she can help when Bert turns up to talk about the web site; she has used a photograph of The Bull, with Bert’s cottage in the background, but it was taken just after the lorry ran into it and the garden is a mess. Bert is not pleased and offers some alternative shots (of the cottage with The Bull in the background!).
  • Debbie calls Simon to say that she is on her way home; her call is hotly followed by another, from Jeanette. She is disobeying orders by ringing because Simon had told her to hold off for a while. However, she is clearly not amused at being kept on ice for another two weeks while Simon tries to hold together his “sad excuse of a marriage”.

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