Chaba breaks the mixer wagon; Kenton gets kicked out of Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: Kenton is in big trouble.

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  • Bert is quizzing Chaba about his pizza date with Fallon last night, when Jill arrives. It seems Ruth rang last night – the family is all gathering up north. Chaba is loading up the mixer wagon, with a little too much haste, and over fills it damaging the shaft. When David arrives he is clearly hacked off.
  • Simon and Debbie are looking at Honeysuckle Cottage. They are both keen, so long as the finances work out.
  • Kenton and Julia are examining the damaged carpet. Julia is cross. Kenton is slippery. Elizabeth comes in, equally irate. The cost of cleaning is likely to be £150 per square foot – even though insurance will probably cover it. Elizabeth has reached the end of her tether. With tirades of abuse being exchanged between Kenton, Elizabeth and Julia, Elizabeth orders Kenton to pack his bags and leave – now!
  • Pip is talking to Jill about Solly’s death – did it hurt? – and comments about Ruth’s near death over her illness. Jill tries to offer some kind of comfort. David comes in, and he and Jill talk fondly about family times past. Jill tells him about Elizabeth kicking Kenton out. It seems Kenton turned up at The Stables where Alastair let him in, though also phoned Elizabeth to check out his story. David is adamant that Kenton is not coming to Brookfield.
  • Simon is helping Debbie off with her riding boots after a hard day riding with the hounds. Lots of kissing follows – what a way to end the week!!

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