Kenton’s Halloween antics end up with fake blood all over a priceless Lower Loxley carpet

Radio Times: Spooky goings-on at Lower Loxley.

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  • Tom’s pigs have broken through the electric fence so he and Kirsty are rather dirty in trying to get them back in. Tom is not looking forward to the Halloween do at Lower Loxley. Lynda turns up looking for a pumpkin to make for Pip and Josh to help cheer them up.
  • Elizabeth is visiting Siobhán, in the middle of some DIY. Apparently Nigel is up to his ears in Halloween preparations. Elizabeth tells Siobhán about Debbie’s interest in Honeysuckle Cottage. Siobhán shows Elizabeth some clothes that her Mum has sent – looks like things with Siobhán’s mother may be mellowing.
  • Kenton and Kathy are rumaging around the kitchens at Lower Loxley for materials to use as fake blood. Julia comes in and, with references to Tony Hancock, points them towards Mrs Pugsleys beetroot soup – the perfect alternative to stage blood.
  • The Halloween do is well underway at Lower Loxley. Some snide banter is exchanged between Julia and Lynda – sparring partners as ever. Kenton is planning a parlour game of ‘Murder’ later in the drawing room. On the ghost train Lynda is getting the fright of her life – perhaps that was the effect of sitting next to Julia?
  • In the drawing room, Kenton is getting the game underway. As the lights go off, there is a crash and a scream. Lights back on and it is revealed that Kenton’s fake blood is all over Julia’s antique silk carpet. Not a happy ending for sure.

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