Ruth leaves to go to her grieving mother; Debbie gets very interested in Honeysuckle Cottage.

Radio Times: Debbie looks to the future.

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  • Debbie spots Elizabeth in Borchester whilst chatting to Jennifer on the phone. Elizabeth is delighted at Debbie and Simons plans to move to Ambridge and whats more it seems that Honeysuckle Cottage is back on the market. They go into Rodway & Watsons to look at the details, where Debbie tells Elizabeth how wonderful things are with her and Simon now, to the point where Simon is even talking about babies!
  • Ruth is packing clothes for her sad trip back to her folks. Usha arrives to offer support and sympathy. Ruth is still in shock and appreciates the visit. She reminisces about happy times with her Dad – at least she will still have those memories says Usha.
  • At the station, David is saying goodbye to Ruth – he reassures Ruth that he will be able to keep things running whilst she is away. They bid fond farewells and Ruth promises to phone as soon as she arrives.
  • Debbie is showing Simon the details of Honeysuckle Cottage over lunch. Simon seems keen – every North American’s dream it would seem. They agree to arrange a viewing, even though (as Simon continually points out) it is very expensive.
  • Usha has visited Jennifer to progress the web site. Jenny never realised how difficult this internet business was. Debbie calls in just as Usha leaves. Jenny is so relieved that things are working out with her and Simon. Debbie tells an enthusiastic Jenny of their plans to move back to the village, and maybe to Honeysuckle cottage.

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