Greg and William discover sabbotage to the pheasant feeders; Ruth is distraught as she hears that Solly has had a heart attack and died.

Radio Times: Ruth receives some devastating news.

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  • Greg and Willim are doing their game keeping rounds. Greg has been told of the date of the first shoot. To William’s disappointment Greg is expecting him to do extra night patrols. They discover an upended grain bin, though are at a loss as to what or who might have caused it. A little later William discovers another damaged bin – so it’s obviously deliberate on the part of someone, rather than something.
  • David and Ruth are playing with the children (for a change) as well as sorting out lists of telephone numbers. The phone goes – it’s Heather with some devestating news – Solly has had a heart attack and did not survive it. Ruth is distraught as one would expect – she’s going to travel up straight away. David offers what comfort he can, though Ruth is panicking about just what to do. She clearly is not thinking straight, though David tries to give her reassurance that all the domestic and farm issues will take care of themselves.
  • Night patrol for Greg and William. They find nothing, though Greg impresses upon William that if he does discover anything he must NOT try to go it alone. Greg does not want him to come to any harm.
  • Late at night, David discovers Ruth in the milking parlour, where she has come to cry. She reminisces about her Dad, and they talk about how the children took the sad news. Ruth berates herself for not talking to Solly on the phone on Sunday. She sobs as she regrets not having said goodbye to her Dad

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