Peggy pays Marjorie a visit; Eddie persuades Mike to join him in a Christmas tree venture.

Radio Times: Eddie has a proposition for Mike.

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  • Eddie is sorting out his ferrets when Mike arrives. Lots of talk about country issues, animals and things follows and eventually Eddie announces his latest scheme – Christmas trees. He tries to persuade Mike to come on board. Mike, though doubtful, thinks there might be something to it……
  • Roy is in the shop picking up a ready meal for his lunch. He mentions what a strain Marjorie is at the moment, so Betty invites him and Hayley over for tea. Roy is jaundiced about all things ‘Aldridge’. Peggy comes in and is very impressed with Roy’s efforts with Marjorie, so Peggy offers to call in on her a little later.
  • At Nightingale Farm Roy is tending to Marjorie when Peggy arrives, so Roy exits. The two women have lunch together and talk about the limitations of old age. Marjorie is considering leaving the Parish Council as she is unable to do the minutes these days. Jack and Peggy are looking forward to taking Marjorie to the Remembrance Day activities in London next week – complete with Higgs driving them door to door.
  • One large tea later at Willow Farm, Roy is chatting with his folks. He asks Mike to pick up a letter box cage for Marjorie, and some 100W light bulbs. It seems Mike has the job of building the village bonfire again this year – minus hedgehogs hopefully. Mike mentions Eddie’s Christmas tree idea. As if on cue Eddie arrives – and whats more (to Roy’s sceptisism) Mike has decided to make it a joint venture.

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