Debbie and Simon are seemingly totally in love; Brian looks forward to fatherhood again.

Radio Times: Simon tries to make amends.

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  • Simon is being extremely attentive to Debbie – nothing is too much trouble as they drive out looking for potential properties.
  • Brian is on the phone to Siobhán – he can manage to come over for a couple of hours later. When he arrives, Siobhán is in the bath. Brian says how much he is looking forward to being a father again. Siobhán reveals that Simon tried to chat her up only a couple of months ago. Brian is shocked (though pots and kettles spring to mind…)
  • Ruth is on the phone to her Mum, catching up on each others gossip. Solly is busy at work, and also busy around the house – quite an unstoppable force it would seem. David interrupts to announce that Simon and Debbie have just arrived, though Ruth does not relish the prospect of entertaining Simon whilst David and Debbie work. The four chat in the yard, about new calves and the Chaba babe magnet factor. Unfortunately for Ruth, Simon accepts her offer of a coffee. David and Debbie stay outside discussing the next strategic moves for Hassett Hills.
  • Back in the kitchen, chaos ensues, including a few rude remarks about Simons grand old age from Pip. Simon raves on about how wonderful things are between him and Debbie, whilst scaring the living daylights out of Ben.
  • A cuddle on the sofa is the perfect end to the day for Simon and Debbie, looking forward to the future, with babies in mind! Oh dear!!

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