Simons back in the marital home, but a call from a current conquest indicates that this might not be the end of the affair

Radio Times: Harvest supper in Ambridge.

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  • Tony is rested now that the cows are in but Pat is producing vats of soup and potato salad for the harvest supper. Tom is having another go at selling his Christmas sausages – Underwoods might be interested. He thinks he’s in with a chance. Tony is not looking forward to seeing Brian and Jennifer again though. Best just not sit next to them.
  • Brian and Jennifer aren’t looking forward to it either. But at least Debbie will be happier now. She and Simon aren’t going to the harvest supper – probably making up for lost time.
  • Joe has brought Baby Spice’s butter along. Only Ed can milk her now. Brian makes an effort to bury the hatchet with a compliment on the Bridge Farm potatoes but he’s not giving anything away on Debbie and Simon though. Jennifer even persuades Tony to go to the Halloween do at Lower Loxley.
  • Debbie and Simon seem to be making up in the usual sickening fashion. Debbie’s glad to be back. Her mother is so exhausting. She is determined not to make Simon feel guilty – as long as he doesn’t do it again. He says he’s not going to throw away his chances again. Debbie asks Simon meant about Brian and Siobhan. Simon says nothing – he just said the first thing that would hurt her. She seems to believe him. Then Simon’s phone rings. It’s Jeanette. They will need to cool things for a week or two ….

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