Fallons obsession with Chaba continues; Eddie thinks about swapping turkeys for Christmas trees

Radio Times: Chaba’s fan club gather at Brookfield.

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  • Eddie is having problems with his tax return and Ed is exhausted from feeding Baby Spice. He’s pleased with what he’s doing though. It’s a pity they can’t sell the butter they make with her milk. Fallon is still obsessed with Chaba and Clarrie thinks he very respectable – much to Ed’s annoyance.
  • Ruth has been having a look at Jennifer’s web site. It’s really got some good stuff on it. Debbie seems to have gone back to the flat. Brian will be relieved – he’s been looking shattered recently. Ruth thinks Debbie probably wants a baby and that she left Simon because he didn’t want one.
  • Fallon is trying to look interested in the farm to impress Chaba. She isn’t keen on the smell though. Chaba is more impressed with her voice. Fallon wants him to go to Dross’s gig tomorrow but he’s already booked for the harvest supper. David isn’t keen on Jazzer and Fallon hanging around the farm though. It distracts him and could be dangerous.
  • Eddie can’t remember what he’s earned. There will be a big whole anyway without the turkeys. Ed thinks Christmas trees might be the answer. Retail is king these days.

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