The drama continues between Simon and Debbie, but looks like a happy(?) ending might resul

Radio Times: Debbie has an uncomfortable encounter.

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  • Deborah is still refusing to see Simon. Jennifer can’t force her to see him but she will try to talk to her but if she pushes too hard then Debbie will think she’s ganging up on her.
  • At least Debbie seems to be eating again and is doing some work. And she has agreed to see Simon but she’s not interested in Jennifer’s views. Brenda turns up to see Debbie. She tries to explain that it was all a misunderstanding. Debbie isn’t terribly receptive.
  • Siobhán rather likes the hospital. It seems all very low tech and comfortable. Elizabeth is having to worry about Debbie and Siobhán but she cares about them both.
  • Jennifer is blaming everything on Brenda of course. The trouble she has caused. Debbie thinks it was rather brave of her to come to apologise.
  • Brian is in quite a state. He’s come to realise how much Debbie does. He always knew Simon wasn’t right for her but she won’t listen. Brian isn’t convinced about the water birth. Will it be safe? It’s the biggest sadness of his life that he won’t be there.
  • Debbie tells Elizabeth that Simon has admitted to two lovers last year. She wishes they didn’t lead such separate lives – she is so lonely. She will have to forgive him. She doesn’t want her marriage to fail.
  • Simon says he has been utterly miserable without her. They’ve both been really lonely. He is so ashamed. She had every right to be angry. The space has given him the chance to work out what is important. He doesn’t want to lose her. He wants to be a proper family – he wants them to have a baby. She says she will go home and it all ends in tears!

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