Caroline realises how fond she is of Oliver; Elizabeth realises how fed up she is with Kenton.

Radio Times: Caroline has got a touch of the green-eyed monster.

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  • Emma and William are spending a lot of time at the Dower House. Love’s young dream. They always seem to be together. Shula thinks that will change. William’s dog seems to have got over her encounter with the hare coursers last week. How anyone could kick a dog is hard to believe.
  • Elizabeth is fed up with Kenton and Nigel – especially Kenton. He’s distracting Nigel from his work and seems to think it’s great fun.
  • Jill is making apple chutney and Shula is still scrounging apples from Glebe Cottages tiny garden. Everything is going to the harvest supper at the moment. The trouble is people are giving them very strange things. It is sad that it will be Janet’s last harvest festival in Ambridge.
  • Caroline is getting pretty fed up with Oliver chasing Cosima. He’s rather the teacher’s pet – even though she is better at the Italian than him. It is really bugging her and she is shocked to find she is jealous. They split up last year when Oliver got jealous and this has made her realise how much she cares.
  • Elizabeth is complaining to Jill about Nigel and Kenton. They play around and it makes her look like some kind of ogre for shouting at them. Well they will have to cope on their own tomorrow. She is going to see the birth facility at the hospital with Siobhán. The baby is due on 14 November. And she needs to see Debbie as well. Kenton is getting very excited about Halloween and won’t stop teasing Elizabeth. She storms out.
  • Emma and William are checking on the pheasants. Brian still hasn’t decided the dates of the shoots. It’s quite a nuisance. There has been some deliberate damage to some of the feeders. It must have been the coursers. It’s quite scary. Supposing they have found out where William lives.

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