Fallon is smitten with Chaba and makes a date. Hayley worries about Marjorie’s future.

Radio Times: Fallon is head over heels.

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  • Chabba is back to the milking routine. And he is going to help Phil walk the pastures. Ruth has managed to palm her kids off on Hayley – doesn’t do to let the hired help get a day off.
  • Roy is shocked at the way Jennifer has tried to treat Brenda. Their family is just dysfunctional. Roy hates that they are even part of Phoebe’s family. Brenda should give up the class. But that would mean that they had won. It is Simon who should have to give up teaching. Hayley is still having to help Marjorie a lot. She isn’t coping.
  • Ed and Fallon are working on some new music but it doesn’t look as if he cares about Dross so much. Ed is really getting on well with Baby. Fallon thinks it is boring and disgusting. But Ed says he’s still interested in the band. Fallon is showing more interest in Chabba – doing her bit for international relations. Maybe she will ask him out.
  • Phoebe is getting on okay at school but she still gets very tired. She is young for her year. Hayley still misses her but she’s busier than ever. Marjorie needs a lot of help. She can’t even really get a scratch meal together. Chabba has been forgiven at Brookfield but Elizabeth is still on the warpath. The fan club in the shape of Fallon has called. Ruth knew he would be a hot date – at least the escapade a Lower Loxley showed he had feet of clay. He was shaping up to be a bit too perfect.
  • Ed is showing Chabba round Grange Farm. He doesn’t seem to believe Chabba’s English can quite cope. Chabba is impressed that Ed is milking Baby Spice twice a day. Fallon turns up to join them. It’s amazing how interested she is in cows. She thinks Chabba might even be more interested in the Dross rehearsal but Ed isn’t so sure.
  • Hayley is looking tired but she thinks it’s just all the chores on her day off. She is feeling guilty. Marjorie shouldn’t be living on ready meals. She used to be such a great cook. They are going to have to have her back to eat with them. She just can’t cope. Roy isn’t keen but they agree on three times a week until she improves. The trouble is she is frail now. Is she ever going to get any better?

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