Simon finally manages to talk to Debbie and admits past indiscretions. Forgiveness is withheld.

Radio Times: Simon grovels.

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  • Simon and Brenda meet up. Simon is on his way to see Debbie – just a little local difficulty, a misunderstanding. Brenda told Jennifer that nothing happened between them. It was embarrassing though. Simon thinks it will all blow over, as Brenda says, they are just friends.
  • Marjorie loved the Harvest Festival. It is good to be out and about again. Hayley invites her to lunch but then Brenda says she needs a private word and Marjorie says she will be fine.
  • Debbie and Simon finally meet. Debbie is surprised to find Simon has two passionate advocates at Home Farm. She doesn’t know why Brian is on her side – he’s always hated Simon. Simon says he is truly sorry. He knows how upset Debbie has been. Debbie says she believes Simon that nothing has happened with Brenda but it would have done. He was working on her – hoping for a result. Simon thinks that’s horrible, there is nothing in her suspicions. Debbie says it is only that he hasn’t been able to prove anything yet – about the other women. She’s called other numbers on the ‘phone bill – both women. He has no idea how that has made her feel. Simon still claims the students just need a friendly ear and sometimes they just get the wrong idea – they are very impressionable. And stupid – Debbie’s been there remember. She just wants the truth. Simon has never wanted to hurt her but Debbie isn’t interested. Simon confesses finally that there have been two other women – last year.
  • Brenda feels such an idiot. It is all so embarrassing. Simon is such good company – witty and well travelled. She likes him but that doesn’t make her a marriage wrecker. She doesn’t know how Debbie found out. Hayley points out that hardly matters now. Brenda has always liked Debbie. She thinks she’ll go and see her to explain. Hayley rather thinks that might be unwise. It seems as if Brenda has just got caught in the cross fire of a dodgy marriage. If Simon thinks so little of Debbie that he goes out with his students then she’s better off without him.
  • Simon tries to convince Debbie they were just flings that meant nothing – poor him having nothing to do all summer except sleep with his students. Debbie so wants to believe him. Simon sees that as an opening but Debbie doesn’t want him near her. When is he going to grow up – he just sees himself as a kid going out getting drunk with students. Their life is just drifting. She doesn’t want to be an eternal student. Why did he marry her? He doesn’t want to be faithful, he doesn’t want kids. Simon thinks she is getting out of perspective, he strayed, he confessed, it won’t happen again.
  • Marjorie had been trying to cook a ready meal for her lunch but the tray was so flimsy she dropped it. Hayley is shocked to find she isn’t cooking.
  • Debbie doesn’t even know if the harassment charge was really innocent. Simon says she is the most precious thing in the world to her and wants another chance. He loves her so much. So why does he hurt her? It’s even more insulting that the other women meant nothing. Doesn’t he know how humiliating it was for her to go home. Debbie is all Simon ever wanted, he came across the Atlantic looking for her. But that was just because he was offered a job. Debbie just wants him to leave. He does and Debbie collapses in tears.

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