Shula is living on her nerves; Alistair is glad to be doing something constructive.

Radio Times: Shula worries about the future.

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  • At the Stables, Shula is wondering if any of the horses now being taken away, will return when the attack perpetrator is caught. It’s not easy seeing them go. And Daniel is still so quiet. She can’t help worrying that the attacker may not stop at horses. Why is he doing it? Alistair is determined that this lunatic is not going to make them any more paranoid than they already are – he’d have harmed someone else already if that was his game. So if Shula doesn’t mind, he’s going to play cricket. She’s going to finish moving the horses nearer the house and might come along later with Daniel – meanwhile she’ll be fine.
  • Jill is ‘picking her own’ to cheer them up at the Stables. Oliver has had the same idea and tells her that Caroline is being very brave about the loss of Moonlight. He checks that Adam will be on the Farm Watch patrol tonight with Alistair, and Neil arrives saying they can count him in too. Oliver praises the commitment that Emma and Will have made to each other, but Neil doesn’t want to talk about it. He seems disappointed that Adam must stay with his strawberries rather than be in the cricket team this afternoon.
  • Shula vents her annoyance at Alan’s morning sermon to Jill when she arrives with the much-appreciated strawberries. How could he be so insensitive, saying that the attacker needed compassion as well as the victims, when she was sitting right in front of him? That’s just his passionate style, says Jill, and we’ll have to get used to it. Is Daniel any more settled? Not really – he’s still not happy to go to sleep without someone there. And have you seen Joe’s barn roof since it was painted? Can’t help thinking he’ll have to go back to the drawing board with this one!
  • Later that night, Farm Watch is in full operation. Oliver and Neil have only seen a courting couple in a car on the allotments. Neil wonders what Oliver thinks about the rumours that Ed is the horse-slasher. Complete nonsense, says Oliver.
  • Adam and Alistair have spied a fox. Other than that, it seems like another quiet night. They’ll keep going until midnight then call it a day. But remember – no heroics. If they do see anything, alert the others then get the Police in. Alistair is adamant that noone should do anything stupid …

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