Willow Farm gladly takes the strain; Ed shows Jazzer the door.

Radio Times: A new home for Roy and Hayley.

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  • Breakfast time at Willow Farm and Roy and Hayley arrive with the first of their boxes – all Phoebe’s stuff! Mike and Betty sound really happy at the prospect of having the little family under their feet!
  • Jazzer catches up with Ed waiting for his Dad at the Bull. He’s obviously still in the dark as to whether Ed shopped him to the Police. Ed gives him short shrift and tells him to mind his own business. Sid asks them to move on – the Bull garden is for the use of patrons only.
  • The unpacking is going well. Hayley is still not relaxed about being in her parents-in-law’s home, and feels apologetic towards Betty about crowding them. Roy tries to reassure her and Betty sympathetically offers them roast lamb for dinner – the last thing Hayley needs after such a busy day is to worry about preparing a meal.
  • Sid wishes he could help Mike out with Farm Watch, and stands him a drink on the house for his efforts so far. Psychos like that ought to be locked up. And talking of wrong-uns, has Mike heard the latest about Matt Crawford? The District council have thrown out his mansion plans – what a shame! Then they chat about whether Alistair will be able to keep on the cricket captaincy with all this trouble at the Stables – but Sid’s previous fervency for Adam to take on the job has obviously waned! (and we all know why, don’t we … !) Betty, Roy and Hayley join Mike for a drink while the roast’s in the oven.
  • Ed is less than chuffed that his Mum has let Jazzer in. Jazzer wants to talk. Ed doesn’t, and makes it perfectly clear that he thinks Jazzer is pathetic, selfish and probably let him get caught on purpose. They continue to row until cutting horses is mentioned … Jazzer – GET OUT !!

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