Shula is not convinced that the burglary was an opportunist crime.

Radio Times: Shula fears the worst at the Stables.

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  • It didn’t take long to prove that Bridge Farm was responsible for the pollution: within a few hours the tracer fluid had appeared in the brook. It also didn’t take long for Eddie to call – there is potentially a job for him and his digger.
  • As Shula explains to Helen, Daniel was really angry about the burglary and Shula has cleaned through the house, ‘reclaiming it’. The police believe it was an opportunist crime but Shula is not convinced: there hasn’t been a similar break-in for weeks. Why hasn’t there been one somewhere else?
  • Eddie agrees to do some investigative digging next week to find the source of the leak. Pat has been in touch with Rodways but they don’t have a plan of the drains. Tony is doubtless cheered by Eddie’s thought that, had this occurred a few weeks earlier, the Estate would have had to pay.
  • Helen’s next visitor is Tom and he gets an ear-bashing on two fronts. Firstly, he is an idiot for not apologising to Hannah but her main point is the pollution: they cannot just leave it to mum and dad to sort out. The reputation of their various businesses is at stake; the farm has to be managed professionally; they need to anticipate such problems.
  • Shula is still beating herself up about not setting the alarm, even though it seems likely that the insurance company will pay up. Alistair is for putting it behind them but Shula is still uneasy. Why them? Why this place?

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