Mike discovers the clash in the Carters’ Anniversary plans.

Radio Times: Duty calls for Tom and Peggy.

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  • As she helps him load some pigs, Tom tells Brenda that he plans to call on his Gran later – but he will be the soul of charm and consideration. (Would that be the sort that Hannah was treated to?) Mike catches him and wants to talk about selling his bacon on the milk round, also to remind him about tending Neil’s pigs on 26th – the day Neil is whisking Susan off to London – secretly.
  • In The Bull, Susan has some minor changes to the menu for her secret Anniversary party. Mike joins the conversation and, realising the clash of arrangements, tries to steer Susan towards another night.
  • Tom’s visit comes at a time of crisis: Jack has just left the cloakroom taps running and soaked the hall carpet. So Tom sets about mopping up while Peggy settles Jack. Peggy is aware of the difficulties with Brian but she does recommend that Tom learns from him – he has a good business brain. However, she is sure that Tom hasn’t come to talk about business. Little does she know! Clearly, he can’t now.
  • Mike tries another tack: from what he knows of Neil, he doesn’t like surprises; he likes everything to be well organised. This earns him rebukes all round – from Susan because she thinks he means that Neil is dull and from Jolene for discouraging business at a bad time.
  • Back home at No. 1 The Green, Tom explains to Brenda why he hadn’t been able to broach the subject of money with his Gran. She is pleased that he was so considerate to Peggy and she is confident he will find a way through the difficulties. He isn’t: he doesn’t know where he goes from here.

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