A burglary at The Stables and a potential waste leakage at Bridge Farm – not a good day.

Radio Times: Pat and Tony are up for inspection.

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  • Elsewhere it’s a day for unwelcome visitors, but at Brookfield, Tony is interested to hear about their new grazing regime. It wouldn’t do for Bridge Farm because they need to maximise yield but the grass mixture is of interest. A cry for help comes from Shula: The Stables has been burgled.
  • At Bridge Farm, Pat has a visit from the Environment Agency, in the shape of Mike Ferguson. He is investigating pollution in Heydon Brook; Bridge Farm is the most likely suspect. Pat is horrified: they reckon to work with nature. He is drawn to a trackway that has suffered a minor collapsed from the weight of the tractors. Do they have a plan of the drains?
  • Shula is grateful for moral support from David and Tony. When she did the school run, she didn’t set the alarm. Daniel’s Wii and games have gone, as well as the TV and DVD player. She has called a locksmith to change the locks, just in case. Now Shula is worrying that it wasn’t just a random break-in; what if someone was watching the house? David tells her she must put it behind her.
  • When Tony learns of the pollution his principal concern is a potential loss of subsidy! Mr Ferguson applies tracer to the suspect site; if it turns up in the brook, they will have solved the mystery. How expensive will it be to fix?
  • Tony is to meet David at The Bull. He is first, and that gives Jolene a chance to have a go at him: she wants a redraw for the flat but Tony says that is not possible; Peggy is delighted to have Helen as a tenant. Tony finds David’s arrival to be most welcome.

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