Tom indulges in some crass management and upsets Hannah.

Radio Times: Tom takes it out on the staff at Bridge Farm.

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  • As usual, Hannah is enjoying her work but that’s about to change. Tom tears her off a strip about being disloyal. He is unmoved by her explanation that when Brian – Tom’s partner after all – asked her to do extra hours, she naturally assumed that Tom was on board.
  • Susan is helping Clarrie with the preparations for William’s party as they select music for Susan’s forthcoming Anniversary party.
  • Helen returns to Bridge Farm and encounters Hannah, who cannot hide that she is upset. Helen offers some soothing words and an invitation to The Bull later.
  • Will’s party went well and he tells his mum how pleased he is that she invited Nic and the children. He also tells of his secret plans for a Valentine Day dinner; Clarrie wonders whether Eddie has anything planned but they agree that it seems unlikely.
  • Helen explains that her brother is a good entrepreneur but sometimes a bit short on tact and common sense. She assures Hannah that he thinks very highly of her and when he has thought about it she is sure he will apologise. Talk of the devil, here he comes, but with no hint of apology; both girls decline his offer of a drink and Helen suggests that he wouldn’t want to grovel in front of her – maybe when they are alone with the pigs he will have more to say.

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