Shula is shocked to find a statue of a Hindu god in the vicarage and her faith crisis comes to a head.

Radio Times: Shula spots one too many changes at the vicarage.

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  • The bell ringing at the Vicarage goes well. Shula is pleased to be asked to be a Reader to provide some cover in Loxley Barratt but she is not so pleased to see so many changes at the Vicarage. She is particularly shocked to see a statue of a Hindu god on the bookcase. He stresses it is to him a work of art. It means more to Usha of course and so is part of their lives. But Shula can’t see how it can’t weaken his faith. She gets upset and has to leave though Alan says he wants to talk about it again.
  • Later Shula tells Alistair, she just feels alienated. Alan is supposed to be her spiritual leader and they just aren’t coming together. St Stephen’s means so much to her and now she feels cast out. Alistair tells her it’s mainly her fault. Even Peggy doesn’t have any problems with it. She can’t talk to Alan so Alistair says the only option is to give it time. But Shula can’t see anything changing.
  • The worst of the work is now over at Willow Farm and Mike is pleased with the outcome. Now he’s looking to choose kitchens. And that gives Hayley a severe case of kitchen envy!
  • Mike is getting very anxious about the next TB tests. If only they can get through this one they can restock and start making cheese again.

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