Matt and Chalky are in financial trouble. Brian goes ahead with the supermarket without Tom’s agreement.

Radio Times: Time is running out for Matt and Chalky.

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  • Tom is disgusted that Brian has gone behind his back and gone to the supermarket and adamantly refuses to go along with the idea to reduce the meat content in the sausages. But Brian persists and Tom reluctantly agrees to think about it.
  • Brian and Chalky are in serious financial difficulty and Chalky seems to have spent most of the available cash on a car and on things for his wife. Later Brian bumps into Matt drinking and begins to get hints about how serious things are.
  • Tom pours out his troubles to Brenda and she tries to put some backbone into him. What he really wants is to have the whole business back under his control but how likely is that?
  • Later when Brian is talking to Jennifer he takes a call from the supermarket and actually agrees to go ahead. Jennifer thinks he is being completely rash but Brian is convinced Tom will see sense.

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