Phil and Jill decide to have a marmalade making contest.

Radio Times: There is a bitter (orange) rivalry at Glebe Cottage.

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  • Alan is going to be under more pressure now that one of the local retired vicars who helped out at Loxley Barratt has died.
  • Brian is helping out more on the farm now the economic crisis is increasing. Meanwhile Jennifer thinks he should tell Tom he’s been to the supermarket but he isn’t going to until he’s got everything tied down.
  • Shula is still worried about church life and is beginning to have some money worries at the Stables. People are cutting down on lessons and taking their horses out of livery so she is having to cut down on hours for her staff.
  • Jill is going into her annual marmalade making and Phil is showing an unusual interest. It ends up with them deciding on a contest to see who can make the best marmalade with Phil using all the new scientific methods and Jill using her old fashioned ones.
  • Pat and Tony are having a drinks party on Friday to celebrate becoming property owners. They should complete in the middle of the week.

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