Shula’s going to find another church. Helen tells Tony she wants the flat.

Radio Times: Shula breaks with her tradition.

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  • Tom tells Tony he wants to move the Tom Archer sausage empire back to Bridge Farm, making it fully organic. He can’t work with Brian any more; their values and ethos are completely different. He’s intending to find a new partner to buy Brian out, but doesn’t disclose he has Matt in mind.
  • Helen tells Dad it’s time she moved out again and the flat would be ideal. Pat’s a bit worried she might not feed herself properly and will be out of sight but Tony thinks it’s an excellent idea; they need to let go a bit. He’ll check with Peggy it’s OK.
  • Alan tries to encourage Shula to return to church, if she’s not too “busy”. Shula comes out with it. She won’t be returning. It’ll be best for her and Alan if she finds another church.
  • Usha initially blames Shula’s jealousy or bigotry on hearing the news from Alan. But comes to see Shula’s giving up her church, the one where Mark’s buried. Alan’s clearly upset by his failure to help Shula. It’s her decision to make, consoles Usha.

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