Shula seems more troubled by her marriage break down than Alistair. Fallon wants to eliminate all use of plastic in her business and wedding.

Radio Times: Shula struggles to keep up appearances and Fallon is on a mission

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  • Alistair and Shula have an awkward conversation in the morning. Shula seems to be trying to find out Alistair did the night before and why he came in so late. Why is Shula concerned? It turns out that Alistair had a late night working on emergency callouts. Shula then brings up the solicitor idea but seems reluctant to follow through even though the original idea was hers. Both Alistair and Shula plan to attend the single wicket today but Shula moans about the gossip she will have to endure. Alistair counsels her to ignore it.
  • Fallon is hunting up glass jars because she doesn’t want to use plastic any longer. Harrison complains because he wants to set up the single wicket. Fallon can’t stop worrying about all the plastic waste. Harrison finally tells Fallon they must leave.
  • Susan turns up to help Shula because Clarrie is keeping Poppy. Shula tries to get rid of Susan but Susan is determined to denigrate Alistair and offers ‘support’ to Shula, much to Shula’s distress.
  • Kenton announces the single wicket. During the break, Harrison talks about the wedding with Kenton. Alistair comes up and Harrison refers to Alistair ‘moving on’. Alistair advises Harrison not to listen to gossip.
  • Susan advises Shula not to watch Alistair. Shula tries to stop Susan from all the simpering sympathy. Alistair makes quite a hit and comes up as the winner. Fallon asks if Shula is going to present the prize to Alistair. They are not together, protests Harrison. Shula presents the Mark Hebden trophy. She says congratulations to a worthy winner, Alistair. Shula apparently tried to kiss Alistair but he went for the handshake. Fallon tries to gossip but Harrison cuts her off. He learned something from his attempt to console Alistair.
  • Shula and Susan finish up. Susan announces she won’t leave Shula in the lurch. Shula finally turns on Susan and Alistair announces that their split is no one’s business but their own. Exactly, agrees Shula, and accepts a ride home with Alistair as Susan declares she was only trying to be supportive.

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