Emma worries that William will be devastated if Andrew goes for custody. Tom and Hannah seem to be showing a new interest in each other

Radio Times: Emma has concerns and Tom lets his hair down

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  • Emma and Ed discuss the new ram and names for him. Helen drops Poppy off and reports that all went well. Poppy has apparently named the ram but interruptions mean that Ed hasn’t yet heard. Susan has complained to every member of the family about the insults that Shula rained upon her head at the single wicket. Finally, Clarrie reveals the name Poppy has chosen for the muscular champion ram–Peppa Pig!
  • Hannah drops into the shop and they discuss Hannah’s new job. Helen also asks about how things are going with Tom and Johnny as housemates. Hannah catches up on all the gossip since she left Ambridge. Helen invites her for pot luck with only Tom present.
  • Will is having dinner with his parents but Clarrie won’t allow him to help after his full day of work. She insists he takes home the leftovers. Will mentions he had an emergency at 11:30. Poppy was fast asleep but Roy was on the rota and he came round right away. Clarrie reminds Will that everyone supports him. Will confesses that he worries he can’t keep up with Andrew. Clarrie stresses Will doesn’t have to compete. But Will worries that Poppy will feel like an only child.
  • The meal with Helen, Tom and Hannah is a success. They discuss Farm Sunday. They invite Hannah to come. Johnny went to do a few shifts for Adam at strawberry picking. Hannah brings up online dating and gives a few amusing observations. Helen encourages Hannah and Tom to inspect the kefir production.
  • In the midst of kefir production, Hannah tells Tom he has changed. He is more thoughtful and mature. Hannah is pleased to be back; Ambridge feels like home. Tom invites her to The Bull for a drink.
  • Ed comes upon Will strapping Poppy into the car. Will receives a picture from Mia at EuroDisney. They discuss the name Peppa Pig. Ed can’t see using it but Emma asks if he is the one who will break Poppy’s heart. Ed and Emma wave Will good-bye. Emma has her worries about him. What if Andrew goes for custody? If he loses the children, it will destroy him.

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