Sid and Jolene feel battered.

Radio Times: Pancake Day falls flat for Jolene.

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  • As the great pancake toss draws near, Jolene’s mood grows blacker. Lilian overhears her grumbles, and bitchily suggests a referral to her cosmetic surgeon to erase Jolene’s lines.
  • Clarrie’s slimming club is rapidly gaining members, but a trip to the shop for healthy food makes Clarrie realise that slimming is an expensive business. Jolene also calls in, this time for all the extra toppings Lilian wants for the pancake. She is closely followed by Sid. How on earth are they going to stir the giant pancake mixture? Clarrie suggests asking Pat for a whisk from the dairy.
  • After a slow start and a dropped giant pancake, the evening at the Bull really takes off. Joe seizes the opportunity to tackle David about a share in the biodigester, but goes off the idea when he learns that he’d be liable for a sizeable share of the £600,000 cost. But then a rather tipsy Susan also tackles David; she doesn’t want to look out of her windows at a sewage farm, and what about the trail of lorries through the village?
  • At the end of the evening, and after Lilian’s Crêpes Suzette cause Sid to burn his hand and eyebrows, they tot up the takings. Initially it seems to have been a good evening, but when Jolene points out somewhat acidly that the ingredients and staff wages have accounted for virtually all the takings, things look less rosy. But the indefatigable Lilian is already busy planning the Valentine Night’s speed dating.

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