The great Ambridge Slim gets underway.

Radio Times: Ambridge works off its excesses.

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  • A hung-over Susan asks Joe for more information about the biodigester. Joe suggests that it will be on a massive scale, akin to Windscale. Susan gets really worried.
  • The boiler at Lower Loxley has failed again, and Nigel is gloomy about the cost of a replacement. Kenton calls to pick Kathy up, and mentions that he has joined the slimming club. Nigel is concerned about his own weight, so decides to come along as well.
  • Eddie has seen Clarrie’s slimming menus and doesn’t like what he sees. He’s sure she has told Sid not to serve him with food at the Bull – and anyway, he isn’t overweight, he’s just too short for his weight.
  • Kenton persuades Kathy to come to the slimming club to give him moral support, and maybe to offer diet advice. Clarrie is delighted at the turn-out, and the weigh-in begins. Poor Eddie is even heavier than he thought, and the sight of the skeletal Sabrina Thwaite does little to raise his spirits.

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