Sid and Jolene find a page in Lilian’s diary. Jennifer tells Brian she isn’t sure she can love Ruairi anymore.

Radio Times: Mother’s Day has a hollow ring for Jennifer.

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  • Sid and Jolene are determined to get their hands on Lilian’s diary when a lucky phone call distracts her and they get their opportunity – they find the right page but don’t quite have time to take it. Sid is sent off to her room to find it while she’s busy in the restaurant and, obviously, is caught but they do find the page at least.
  • Jennifer has a lot of Mother’s Day gifts including from Brian and Ruairi but things are still very tense particularly between Brian and Adam.
  • Jennifer finally has it out with Brian. The way he is behaving over the inheritance is changing the way she feels about Ruairi. Brian accuses her of blackmail and isn’t going to listen but Jennifer thinks he should. She isn’t sure she can give Ruairi the love that he needs anymore.

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