Peggy urges Jennifer to fight Brian. Jolene and Sid draw up their own battle plans.

Radio Times: Peggy shows some fighting spirit.

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  • When Peggy calls at Home Farm, she finds a sick and bored Ruairidh, a harassed Jennifer and an arguing Adam and Brian. That something is wrong is inescapable, so Jennifer tells her about the will.
  • Jolene comes across Matt and tries to persuade him that he would be welcome at The Bull, despite Lilian’s presence. There is too much pride at stake; both want to get back together but neither will make a move, both think it is a lost cause. If he cannot talk, why not write a letter – with help from Jolene.
  • Later, Brian tries to talk to Adam about the trip to Scotland. Debbie has observed that the digester is an integral part of the farm, which is its supplier and customer, so Adam and Debbie must be more involved, not sidelined.
  • The letter is finished, to Jolene’s satisfaction but not to Matt’s; he screws it up and heads for home to sober up.
  • Having thought about the inheritance issue, Peggy advises Jennifer to get tough and tell Brian that he must leave the farm to Adam and Debbie. She has cards to play; now is the time to play them.
  • Jolene shows Sid the letter; she plans to iron it and send it to Lilian. She also intends to steal some pages from Lilian’s diary and send them to Matt. Sid initially will have none of it but when he sees the sign that Lilian has ordered, “Lilian, Sid and Jolene welcome you to The Bull at Ambridge”, his reservations disappear; let’s get the diary before she takes over.

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