Sid has a weight on his mind; Eddie is revealed to have had weights in his fleece.

Radio Times: Eddie’s dark secret is revealed.

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  • Clarrie is not looking forward to the Slimming Club, having to explain the loss of the records. Kenton expects to do well, based on his own recollection of last week’s weigh-in (which Clarrie doubts) and Eddie is confident of winning for a third successive week.
  • Lilian has ordered three vases of lilies for the restaurant; the invoice is on Jolene’s desk and there will be deliveries every week from now on. Jolene is at the end of her tether.
  • Everybody was very understanding about Clarrie’s missing records. Kenton has lost an impressive four and a half pounds; Eddie reckons Kenton has fiddled the result, but Kenton warns against denouncing him as a cheat because … well, glass houses and stones come into it.
  • Jolene takes the bull by the horns and asks Lilian when she will be leaving. Lilian will look for a place of her own but it will take a while – so she will have to use the spare room for just a little longer. Even after she has moved out Lilian would be pleased to help out in the pub – great!
  • Eddie is a sore loser but Clarrie will not be persuaded to challenge Kenton. Right now Eddie is more concerned about the fact that his fleece is missing – the one he always wears to be weighed. Kenton has ‘found’ it and reveals to all that Eddie has Clarrie’s kitchen weights in the pockets – doubtless not as many as last week!
  • Sid is amazed at Eddie’s latest scam but there are more pressing things on his mind; Jolene reports her conversation and concludes that they have got to get her back together with Matt.

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