Sid and Kathy – and especially Jamie – are feeling the after-effects.

Radio Times: Where will Kathy go?

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  • Ruth’s not feeling her best, the chemo has left her with frequent bouts of nausea. David postpones some jobs around the farm so that he can look after the kids (who are back in the bungalow from staying up at the house). Peggy drops in, but David’s not up for playing any part in the fete.
  • Jolene’s bemoaning her rusting car (which Sid wishes he could replace for her), she’s stayed over night, although she’ll not be doing that for a few days. She’s going to be trying to get Fallon around to the idea of moving – much preferring her to take Sid on as a role model than her natural father! She leaves as Jack calls round, he’s following up the spile troshing requirements (Robert is doing some construction apparently). He offers an ear to Sid, who admits that Jamie’s has to pay his price for the mess Sid’s caused – that Friday, telling Jamie, was the worst day of his life.
  • Kathy’s been at Grey Gables to swim, but Jamie is not a happy little boy. Jack, having heard Sid’s tale of woe, brings Kathy back to the lodge for tea where she admits that she’s trying to move elsewhere in the village, but as a single mum, she can’t afford to stay in the village, but she can’t take Jamie anywhere else. Her life has changed irrecognisably and she feels so sad for Jamie.