Eddie sells Lynda a patio, meanwhile Sid and Kathy tell their news to a distraught Jamie

Radio Times: Bad news for Marjorie and for Jamie.

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  • Eddie, from where we don’t know, has got hold of some slate and Lynda, sure that it will enhance the Feng Shui value, agrees that it would make a great patio. They haggle for a price and, eventually, agree on £1200 – some 20% higher than Eddie, as he later tells Sid, would have accepted!
  • Hayley tells Marjorie that she and Roy are looking for somewhere to move in together – she’s pleased for them, but isn’t afraid to admit later to Lynda, that she will miss Hayley dreadfully.
  • Lynda’s around and about getting help for the fete and drumming up support for the Mikado auditions. For the country games at the fete she needs Joe’s help – for the rules and implements for Spile Troshing …
  • The moment that Sid has been practising for and dreading arrives. He and Kathy are to Jamie about their future. They broach it delicately, but when Jamie finds out that he and mummy are not going to be living with Daddy, he doesn’t take the news well. After he’s run out of the room, Sid moans to himself about the mess he’s caused.