Lizzie will need her op, Roy is offered a job and Ed is camping too.

Radio Times: Ed makes a surprise appearance

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  • Jill and Lizzie were at the hospital, for Lizzie this time. Her cardiologist still wants her to have an op despite being pleased with her recovery from the strains of childbirth.
  • Caroline calls Roy into her office, far from taking the coffee incident further, it’s all been settled and, instead, she asks him if he would like to become the hotel’s trainee assistant manager. He is delighted.
  • Caroline’s got other problems – like what to do with the Bull. Her half shares in the place aren’t looking healthy at the moment. Meanwhile Shula’s looking ahead to the adoption hearing at the magistrate’s court in the next few weeks.
  • Jennifer’s been talking to a regular fisher of the estate’s rivers and finding that the fish stocks are lower. As she and Brian are heading to Grey Gables for dinner, he’s wondering how he’s going to present the Grundys’ case at next week’s Borchester Land board meeting. As they pass the Grundy caravan they spot a “bender”, traditionally a hippy-style tent – travellers are the last thing they want – but it’s Ed, not apparently resident in Borchester any more …