Ed’s “apologising” for the party and Ruth’s first chemo appointment.

Radio Times: Ruth takes the next step.

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  • Neil’s late for milking at Brookfield, while his excuse is sound, Jill wasn’t pleased that Phil had to do it.
  • David and Ruth are waiting (a frustratingly long time) for her chemo appointment. She’s thinking of where she’d rather me. In the meadow, combining. In a cow field, helping to suckle calves. Anywhere but here.
  • A slightly less than totally sincere Ed is virtually dragged by his mother to the Carters. They only find Neil home and he barely accepts it – not improved by Ed laying the blame on Fallon and her friends. Then it’s off to the shop to find susan before heading back to Meadow Rise to clean up, ut when his parents try to take him with them back to the caravan, despite his rock-bottom valuation, Ed is not coming.