David displays his true colours to Shula and carnage at Meadow Rise as Neil rescues his daughter.

Radio Times: Things get out of hand at the flat.

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  • Shula’s birthday and she’s in heaven – two chocolate cakes, although Daniel’s effort isn’t quite as good as Jill’s. She’s been on the phone to Kenton who, like the rest of the family, are thinking of Ruth. None more so than David, who becomes quite overcome when talking about it with Shula. Ruth’s being so brave and yet he needs her as much as she needs him.
  • Fallon and Emma are getting ready at the Carters for their night out, Susan still thinks that they’re clubbing and that she’s staying off at her friend Jody (who Susan approves of). Fallon, it seems, is a chip off the old block and has invited along a 20-year-old she’s met who might not realise that she’s only 15 …
  • After Neil’s dropped them off and they’ve made their way to Meadow Rise, carnage awaits them. It’s not quite the party that Emma had envisaged (she seems especially disappointed that William’s not there), although a drunk Ed is perfectly happy. So’s Fallon, in her element with Ryan and his mates. Although as things liven up and the neighbours call the police, Ed’s not worried but Emma is. She rings home in distress, and with sounds of all manner of riots coming down her mobile, her Dad’s on his way to pick her up.