Ruth’s bullish about chemo and Roy spilled coffee over a guest.

Radio Times: There is an upset at Grey Gables.

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  • Heather’s left and Ruth seems more happy about that than David! He’s trying to keep her bullish about the upcoming chemotherapy and she’s happier now he’s seen her wound. Usha, “working at home”, drops round and offers her own encouragement. Ruth really appreciates the support and Usha’s happy to make herself available to accompany Ruth to the chemo sessions if David can’t.
  • Lynda’s chairing a fete committee meeting at Grey Gables (which Caroline not only agreed to, but gave them lunch, too) – one of the fete ideas is the underwater 5-a-side football, with the twist being each player must be from a different decade, from teens to fifties! Lynda’s also got the Mikado well in hand – auditions soon!
  • Not such a good day for Roy, while serving breakfast he accidentally spilled some coffee on an American guest who, stereotypically, becomes decidedly threatening, lodging a formal complaint. (Lynda, sympathetic as all, blamed the bad chi in the dining room.) Roy’s worried about his future trainee managership, but also being taken off waiting duty and the commensurate loss of tips. He warns Hayley that their moving might have to wait.