Sid and Kathy are going to have to tell Jamie and Fallon does not want to move.

Radio Times: What will Fallon say?

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  • Sid’s mending the table that Ed broke as Neil wanders up. The cricket’s been cancelled (which Neil’s not too unhappy about). Sid’s looking forward to spending some time with Jamie this afternoon – they’re heading to Lower Loxley’s vintage car rally. He’s talking about being torn between two women when Neil, to a disbelieving Sid, tells about his time of wanderlust … but while Sid praises spontaneity and passion, Neil’s not so sure that stability and routine aren’t such bads things.
  • Fallon’s been away with her dad for a while and returns to the news that her mum wants to move to Ambridge and in with Sid (who she does not approve of) – she’s not happy with that news.
  • Jamie was very excited to see him Dad, which Kathy recognises is mutual, even if she’s not pleased to see him. When he is returned to her, though, she’s even less happy with Sid, Jamie takes a long time to settle down. She rings Sid to tell him that they’re going to have to sit Jamie down and tell him what’s going on.