Sid catches Kathy out; Kathy has it out Joe; both Chaba and Kenton sound Usha out.

Radio Times: There’s an unwanted visitor at April Cottage.

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  • Kathy is quite unable to hide her confusion and embarrassment when Sid turns up early with Jamie – not because she’s still in her dressing gown, but because she doesn’t want Sid to know that Kenton has stayed the night! Jamie quickly puts paid to that when he spots Kenton’s coat and announces his presence for all the world to hear … Kenton appears with a smile on his face, not only because he stayed the night but because there is a surprise visitor in the kitchen – Bartleby! Kathy is further flustered when she sees the trampled fence outside and the empty fruit bowl!!
  • Joe is having a ‘power nap’ (according to one of Clarrie’s magazines!) after his first cup of coffee in the Bull. Jolene wakes him as she offers him a top-up and he mentions how civilised the new system is. She appreciates the compliment and mentions that Tony was still moaning about the supermarkets last night and nearly emptied the bar. Noone should come to the pub to be miserable. Joe lists all his tasks for today, including mending the fence between Keeper’s and April Cottages.
  • Kenton calls in on Usha to invite her and Adrian to the anniversary party on Sunday – Nigel’s fault that the invitation is so late, he says … ! Just lucky that he was passing while running around all over the place looking for premises for his cyber café idea. Mmm, things are looking really promising – previous business experiences paying off, full of ideas for style and pzazz, just what Borchester’s up and coming young professionals are looking for, just a bit short of investors – same old story, Kenton, steer clear Usha …!
  • Sid has returned after, it would appear, clearing a lot of final details about the Bull’s cyber café. Jolene sounds delighted, but Sid is still preoccupied with having found Kenton at Kathy’s so early. What kind of an example is that for Jamie? Kenton is turning Jamie’s home into a madhouse! Jolene thinks Sid is making far too much of it – after all Kathy is perfectly entitled to have relationships of her own and Jamie will deal with it in his own way.
  • Kathy is ramming home her dissatisfaction with the Bartleby situation while Joe mends the fence. She’s been too easy going for too long and now she’s had it up to here. She should have said something before, but live and let live, try to be a good neighbour? Not any more! Joe is contrite and apologetic, and Kathy pipes down a bit. She accepts Joe’s offer to clear up her garden, admitting it was a rather a mess even before Bart did his bit.
  • Kenton is collecting from family, currently Ruth and David, for Nigel and Elizabeth’s present. He is surprised to see Usha again as she arrives at Brookfield. Kenton leaves with a cryptic comment about ‘another chat’ – Ruth misconstrues the context, and Usha mentions that in that vein, Chaba has just asked her out! The conversation makes it clear that they both fancy him like mad along with the rest of Ambridge – if only he was just a bit older … come on you two – toy boys are very fashionable! (so they tell me …!!!) Usha then clarifies Kenton’s remark by mentioning asking him to make a business plan. Ruth is justifiably scornful and warns Usha that if Kenton does come up with a plan, to get herself a bargepole and even then don’t touch it!

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