Jill brings Marjorie lunch; Tony needs to borrow Chaba; David is prepared to face a new Goliath.

Radio Times: Jill makes her views known.

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  • Jill has called in on Marjorie after the PCC meeting – with a plated ham salad lunch. Marjorie is very grateful of course and wishes she hadn’t had to miss such an important meeting. She also hopes that spraining her wrist will turn out to have been third unlucky thing for her.
  • Usha and Jennifer are working on the Ambridge web site, in particular the link to the Flower and Produce show. Usha is delighted to find her winner’s name immortalised in 1996 for the best flower in show! They hope for some great wild flower photos from this year’s show. Brian(‘s conscience?) has bought Jennifer another new digital camera – a very versatile one, and he’s ordered a professional quality printer too. To say nothing of not batting an eyelid at Alice’s choice of expensive saddle for her birthday – he bought it at once! Brian is usually so cautious with money, but he doesn’t see the point of investing in today’s financial climate. Usha’s accountant brother has apparently told her just the same thing.
  • Jill tells Marjorie about Nigel’s plan for Elizabeth’s surprise anniversary party, and how Elizabeth is spending a lot of time with Siobhán. Janet is hoping to call on Marjorie soon and the committee are going to divide up all the parish jobs between them once Bert has drawn up a list of just what they are. They look at the ‘society’ photo of Mike and Betty with the former county cricket captain in Borchester Life before Jill leaves for her next stint of village duty.
  • Tony calls on David to ask for some assistance – he needs an extra pair of hands to help remove the roof of his tractor shed. He doesn’t expect David to give up his time but how about his student? David jokes that Tony has heard how good Chaba is and wants to poach him – but consents anyway. They go to intercept Chaba’s current job.
  • In the village hall, Jennifer, Usha and Jill are hanging things from the walls in preparation for the show. Usha leaves and the other two make a rough selection of Jubilee photos before setting the final display. A photo that doesn’t show Brian’s erstwhile black eye turns the talk to Sunday’s march. Jenny tells Jill how she berated him for being so disorganised that he had to forgo the pleasure of a noisy crowded coach to travel home first class on the train! Jill leaps to his defence in more ways than one!! Jenny suggests leaving some room for photos of Ambridge on the march. Jill tells Jenny that she, for one, would object to that because of her views on hunting.
  • Chaba has already finished his job and gone – so Tony continues his never ending moan about the potatoes! David tries to convince him that the new acreage payments are making things look brighter. They’re not huge, counters Tony, and the rest of Europe has had them for years! David is sure that the way to go is with local produce – the supermarkets are looking for more and more of it. And even if Brian does think it’s mostly window dressing, it’s probably a real turning point. Both he and Tony are little guys battling to survive against giant economic forces – and organic or not, neither of them should just lie down and take it.

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