The surreptitious party plans progress apace; Siobhán shares the pleasure of her purchases with Elizabeth.

Radio Times: Party planning at Lower Loxley.

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  • The three conspirators are lurking among the rare breeds. They chat over the details of guests (including the odd character assassination), food and lights for the secret party until a flustered Elizabeth hoves in sight. So now they’re keeping Reg happy assessing the access to the Tamworths! She has been desperately looking for someone to fax loads of suppliers while she goes to antenatal with Siobhán. Kathy offers, as Nigel is about to be driven to the hospital by Kenton. But first Nigel must see how Kenton has planned to ensure that Elizabeth will be where she can be ‘kidnapped at the required time on Sunday.
  • Elizabeth is admiring the work Siobhán has done in her ‘nursery’ – curtains, rug and cute Teddy Bear lampshade. And there’s more …
  • Kenton has invented an official-looking bogus company – Duncannon and White International – complete with authentic looking headed notepaper, needing a last minute booking for next week. And they will confirm by telephone at 6 the night before – that being the Sunday of the party! Kenton is well pleased with his idea, and with his scheme for ensuring that Nigel and Elizabeth win the treasure hunt, without spoiling all the fun for the guests. Nigel and he leave for the hospital, but not before he has fixed a date with Kathy for tomorrow night – when Jamie will be at his Dad’s.
  • Siobhán and Elizabeth unpack all the newly delivered baby paraphernalia she and Brian bought in London – looks like his credit card will have taken some hammering! Elizabeth thinks they are all wonderful, but impresses again on Siobhán how much she doesn’t want to see her hurt. Siobhán seems clear enough that she is only the ‘other woman’ but still relishes the memories of the genuine ‘couple’ness she felt while she and Brian were shopping together at the weekend. She is so grateful that she has Elizabeth to share so much of her antenatal state with – after all it gets dreadfully lonely sometimes stuck in the flat with so much time on her own …

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