Chaba’s seeking Usha; Tony’s seeking corroboration of his quality theory (in vain) from Clarrie; Kathy’s seeking appreciation of Kenton’s qualities!

Radio Times: Tony’s feeling angry.

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  • Chaba and Ruth are busy sterilising in the milking parlour. She thanks him for going to the trouble of getting and translating the special recipes from his Mum for Jill’s birthday meal. She feels sure she will manage the main course but hopes to ask someone else to make the sticky pastry dessert. (Sounds like a job for Shula!) He is interested to know whether all the people who were at Josh’s party will be at Jill’s – like Usha? No, family only says Ruth. Chaba manages to sound enthusiastically deflated!
  • Brian rings Siobhán to find out about her visit to the midwife. She reports back with good news and tells him she has also seen her doctor – it’s just been a case of rather overdoing it … Anyway it was a great weekend and made even better by his accompanying her back on the train. But didn’t it cause problems for him? Just a bit of flack from Jenny – nothing he couldn’t handle!
  • Clarrie and Pat are gossiping while collecting up the yoghurts for Tony to deliver. Tom’s hard work with the sausages is really beginning to pay off and Neil is so conscientious, says Pat. Clarrie knows that Susan is relieved that her hero of a husband (!) now has a regular job with Tom’s pigs. Did Pat hear that Bartleby is now living in Joe’s new shed at Keeper’s Cottage? Yes, but Kathy doesn’t seem too pleased to have a pony as a neighbour (no pun intended, but irresistible …) even if Jamie loves going round with a handful of carrots! Oh, and Emma has managed to sort out all Will and Ed’s sibling squabbles – Ed has asked Will to his party and Will has agreed to go, complete with present! Emma is determined that they should ‘do the right thing’ by each other.
  • Calving has gone well this morning at Brookfield – David and Chaba are delighted. Chaba is chewing over some more English idioms. He’s well confused by Bert’s proclamation that ‘My merrers are a dead skirt’! Ruth translates for him and goes on to describe the competitions in the forthcoming Flower and Produce show. Photography? Chaba likes photography! Has he seen Usha’s photos of wild flowers? Usha’s? She will be there? Can he be there? asks Chaba casually.
  • Over lunch, Tony is now trying to convince Clarrie that she should be more concerned with the quality and taste of the food than the price. With her limited means she can’t agree. They did a big shop at the supermarket last night for Ed’s party and she found it very reasonable. And anyway you don’t know how things are going to taste until you get them home. Much to Clarrie’s relief Pat comes into the kitchen and reports that Marjorie has had a bad fall. She has been talking to Kathy who, by the way, didn’t sound as if she minded at all about Bartleby. Clarrie leaves with an easier mind and Pat and Tony discuss how many times Kenton’s name, opinions and apparent universal expertise came into the conversation. Tony doubts that Kathy’s Kenton can be the Kenton that he knows! (But love is blind, Tony …)

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