The march is a great day out for everyone except Jennifer – she is without Brian’s company on the way home too.

Radio Times: Ambridge is on the march.

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  • Shula is marshalling the early bird Ambridge troops as they prepare to leave for the Liberty and Livelihood march. Oliver reckons they should volunteer Brian to carry a placard – seeing as he has managed to avoid getting up at the crack of dawn.
  • Or has he? (?) As he and Siobhán pack after their amorous weekend together, she suffers an attack of the vapours. Brian is extremely worried and wants to stay with her. She assures him that all is well but she will ask reception for a doctor and keep him informed. He mustn’t be late meeting Jennifer and the others at the coach.
  • The coach has arrived at Shepherd’s Bush along with the rest of Borset-shire, it seems. George can’t believe how many are there. Oliver hopes to meet up with some old friends and Jennifer already sounds agitated about whether she will see Brian. He arrives full of good humour and jokes wryly about ‘some march or other’ making his journey across London hell.
  • Tony is leading off to Jack about the organic cooperative sending back his potatoes. The supermarkets don’t seem to realise that it’s the taste that matters, not the appearance.
  • The march sounds very authentic as George disturbs Brian phoning to check the weather forecast? He mentions having seen a (1999) blast from the past, Carl Swift, on a large video screen. Jack would be interested to hear that, after the trouble Swift left behind at Grey Gables.
  • Jack commiserates with Tony about the scab and scurf on his potatoes and gets another earful about how people should appreciate the flavour of their food and be concerned about the way it is produced. Pat comes in and adds to the argument by bemoaning cheap imports which are ruining the market for small producers. She would certainly join a protest march on that score!
  • Siobhán gets through to Brian at last. She’s still at the hotel, having actually fainted after he’d left. But the doctor seemed to think she was OK to travel home. Despite her protests, Brian insists she wait for him at the station. Glib as ever, he spins Jenny a yarn about his personal organiser still being at the Farmers’ Club. He just has time to collect it and make it back to the coach for the journey home …
  • At the underground station, Daniel is still on the go, even after such an early start and long day’s walking. Everyone makes sure he doesn’t get too close to the platform edge.
  • Siobhán thinks Brian is crazy to have come to the station. She is much better and anyway, will be seeing her midwife tomorrow. Brian has time to get a ticket – he’s coming home on the train with her! Siobhán is delighted and incredulous – what will he tell Jennifer?
  • Poor old Jennifer – if only she knew what Brian Darling is up to, she’d be much more than just the bit miffed she sounds as she tells Shula that he won’t need his seat on the coach. I bet Shula guesses though … !

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