Neil gets tough with Tom; Tony gets stuffed with the supermarket; Brian and Siobhán get amorous in London.

Radio Times: Brian pampers Siobhán.

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  • Brian is talking to Tony, Tony berating him about his cheap organic imports. Their opinions are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, and they part with Brian smug and Tony hacked off.
  • Neil and Susan are waiting for Tom to arrive with the money. It’s 10 o’clock and Tom hasn’t shown his face. He turns up with the money, but Neil tells him it’s not enough. Tom doesn’t argue, and finds the difference in his pockets. Neil goes on to say that he wants a different arrangement – 4 hours a morning for at least 4 days a week. Tom is taken aback, but seemingly has no choice, so agrees. When he’s gone, Susan almost swoons at her hero, Neil’s, feet having never seen him so masterful before. (How long will THAT last I wonder?)
  • Brian and Siobhán are on their way to London. Brian tells her about his run in with Tony earlier. Siobhán tells Brian about her sarong style swimsuit she plans to try out in the hotel’s swimming pool. Brian can’t wait!
  • Tom comes in for lunch to find Tony disgruntled about a fax from the supermarket. His potatoes are not up to standard, and so he’s looking at either selling them himself or taking a hundred-pound-a-tonne hit. Another rant about Brian follows with Tony imagining him sitting around a board room table with his fat cat friends at this very moment……
  • ……cut to the ‘boardroom’ aka a posh hotel in London, and Brian and Siobhán are in the pool at the hotel, having just enjoyed a room service lunch. They murmour sweet nothings to each other, Brian tells her how much he loves her, and how deep he is in ‘this’ now. It may have just been sex to start with but it’s become much much more than that. Siobhán reminds him that this weekend will abruptly end come Sunday and the march, but in the meantime, Brian plans to devote the next two days entirely to her. Lovely!

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